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Cooking with Nuveg pre-cooked portions

Our creative, easy recipes with Nuveg pre-cooked frozen vegetable portions will get you excited to cook.

LET US, do the hard work for you!


  • Testimonials

    Ek dreig al solank om vir jou te mail en uiteindelik doen ek vandag.

    Ek koop die afgelope jaar baie van jou groente vir Ilse (sy is nou eerstejaar op Sbos) en ook sommer vir my en Johann aangesien ons 2tjies nou alleen by die huis is en die vars groente baie keer nie hou nie. Jou produkte is waarlik vir ons soooo lekker en dit is weekliks op my inkopielys.

    Well done en baie sterkte met jou besigheid. Ek gaan defnitief een van jou getroue kliënte bly.

    Beste wense vir ‘n fantastiese 2015 vir jou en jou gesin en ook vir jou besigheid.


  • Testimonials

    At last I can enjoy frozen veggies.  thank you so much as these veggies are so great tasting and quick to heat.  Please do more varieties  eg green beans, peas and carrots, stir fries.  Absolutely love your product.”

    Jackie Cook

  • Testimonials

    “I really love your products! Best tasting veggies I ever had.. Tastes just like Grandma’s 🙂 I just need to know the nutritional value of each portion. I am on a calorie restricted diet so its very hard to calculate my daily food intake as I eat your veggies daily.”


  • Testimonials

    “We have a Motor home and I find your product perfect for our small fridge freezer, it saves me taking bulky veggies.I put your veggies in small places in my freezer. I have spoken to a few of my fellow Moto homers but they do not know of your product. Why do you not advertise in our camping magazine I am sure the product will be greatly accepted? – Marianne”


  • Testimonials

    “If I may just say,,,,WOW we had some of the food left from the shoot last night, and I am sold. Not buying anything else again…..will go look for it at my Pick n Pay this weekend!!”


  • Testimonials

    “Thank you! With this kind of service your business can only be a success! I love your cauliflower cheese and spinach and will continue to buy them from Die Boord.! “


  • Testimonials

    “In Vrouekeur van 13-04-2013 lees ek van jou vooraf vervaardigde disse. In watter winkels sal ek dit kry? Ek woon op Modimolle in Limpopo. Ons supermarkte is Spar, Picknpay, Shoprite en Checkers..”


  • Testimonials

    “Thank you so much for dropping off the box of goodies yesterday.I got a very enthusiastic SMS from Flip telling me how much he enjoyed meeting you. I must tell you too that we had the potatoes and carrots this weekend and they were very yummy. I am so looking forward to sampling the apple tart and cheesecake on Thursday evening. Once again, thank you for your lovely products. I am a very big fan and will certainly be spreading the word in this part of the country.

    I will always have space in my freezer!”


  • Testimonials

    AT LAST!!!!!

    I have found food!

    I was at Checkers this afternoon and came across this wonderful Nuveg Variety Pack.

    Being a vegetarian (I do eat fish from to time for the protein) but no meats, nor chicken.
    Living alone, I buy food (in far too larger quantities, because we are definitely neglected in sizes
    and choices) and half goes down the drain.

    And am very impressed at your packing too, so can’t wait to eat your goodies.


  • Testimonials

    I would just like to tell you that your product is a heaven sent.

    I hate peeling veggies and everything that goes with it – the dirty dishes included. Last night we had the Potato Bake as a side dish with
    grilled fish and a salad – DELICIOUS!!!

    You have really made my life soooo much easier. Never ever will I buy any other product ever again.

  • Testimonials

    I recently came across your product in Checkers North Johannesburg. What a godsend!
    I am a pensioner and live alone, your veg packs are ideal and delicious and tasty.
    Love the potato cheesebake, roast vegs, savoury rice and butternut.
    Looked for more today and found mash potato.
    I haven’t seen your product in pick n pay stores.
    Please continue with this great product.

    I am promoting it to my friends and family.

    Sandy Ashworth