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Category Archive: Creamed Spinach & Broccoli

Braai Pie

A Braai Pie that will have the whole family smiling. Now you can host a fantastic braai with a delicious pie, made easier with Nuveg Spinach Portions.

Spinach and chicken and mayo quiche

This simple, nutritious quiche recipe is perfect for a weekday supper or lunch-to-go. Kids and adults will love the tasty combination of Nuveg Spinach & broccoli and Chicken & mayo portions.

Steak served with Nuveg Spinach and Butternut portions

Invite some friends, start a fire and treat everyone with a butter soft steak served with peppercorn white sauce, baby potatoes, Nuveg Spinach & Broccoli and Butternut and cinnamon.

Meat free lasagna with nuveg spinach

meat free lasagna with nuveg spinach

An easy and delicious meat free lasagna filled with Nuveg spinach topped with a tomato sauce mixture and cheddar cheese. Serves up to 6 persons.

Chicken Hasselback with Nuveg Spinach

Spice up dinner with these incredible easy and delicious Hasselback Chicken stuffed with Nuveg Spinach portions and cheese. ‪

Homemade quesadillas with chicken and spinach

These homemade quesadillas with chicken and cheesy spinach are a quick and easy dinner option and oh so tasty!

Baked chicken wraps with Nuveg Spinach

nuveg baked wraps with spinach

Nuveg Baked wraps are crispy on the outside and full of flavour on the inside! a delicious dish that anyone would enjoy! Made easy with Nuveg Spinach portions.

Spinach and egg breakfast muffins

nuveg breakfast muffins

Now there is no excuses for being too busy to eat breakfast! These breakfast muffins are quick, easy and will get you excited about eating breakfast. This recipe makes 6 muffins.

Homemade Pizza with Nuveg spinach

nuveg homemade pizza

fan of homemade pizza? Try baking this spinach pizza and make it easier with Nuveg creamed spinach!

Sweet potato and spinach chicken

Nuveg sweet potato spinach chicken

Are you looking for something new to do with sweet potatos? Try this healthy sweet potato and spinach chicken recipe.