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DIY Valentine’s Day gift boxes

In this tutorial we will show you step by step instructions on how to create the perfect gift boxes for him or her for Valentine’s Day. They will absolutely love it and we hope you will enjoy this project.

What you need

  1. Any Nuveg product box
  2. A3 Paper (thicker paper) or free Nuveg template
  3. Free 140 x 140mm/ 150x150mm printable designs
  4. Ruler
  5. Pritt (glue)
  6. NT Cutter /Scissors
  7. Pencil
  8. Your gifts


  1. Buy any Nuveg product and enjoy the portions as a side dish or ingredient for dinner/supper.
  2. Carefully take apart the Nuveg label sleeve by separating the glue joint on the side of the box. This is then used as a template. Alternatively print the template available here on an A3 paper. . Set aside the inner box for later use.


  1. Use the label and place it on the A3 paper and draw the template with a pencil (remember to mark folding lines on the side of your template. Draw light lines for folding purposes using a ruler) use a ruler and NT cutter to cut out the marked template ( A scissor can also be used if preferred )


  1. Use a ruler to fold the sleeve on the folding lines previously marked. Glue the sleeve together on the overlapping glue flap using pritt or any other glue. We prefer pritt as it is strong enough and dries quickly.

  1. Take the Nuveg inner box and insert it into the label.

  1. Use the free printable designs or create your own designs on the size of 140x140mm/ 150x150mm and cut it out on the inner or outer edges of border. Glue the inner and outer edges of the backside of the design and carefully place it on top of the box (sleeve)

  1. Insert your presents inside and give it to your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

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