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Gourmet hot dog with Nuveg Tomato relish

A quality gourmet hotdog for you to enjoy in minutes. Easily prepared with Nuveg Tomato relish variety pack.

DIY Valentine’s Day gift boxes

In this tutorial we will show you step by step instructions on how to create the perfect gift boxes for him or her for Valentine’s Day. They will absolutely love it and we hope you will enjoy this project.

Healthy sweet potato chocolate brownies

Enjoy a healthier chocolate brownie recipe made with Nuveg sweet potato. Extremely soft and moist and oh so delicious!

Chocolate mousse (sugar-free)

Try this sugar-free version of a delicious rich chocolate mousse recipe! It’s that good, you would never think that it is sugar-free.

Peppermint Chocolate mousse

Create the perfect homemade Peppermint Chocolate mousse with this easy recipe. Don’t use Peppermint Crisp if you want to enjoy a rich chocolate taste. Your guests will absolutely love both of them.

Braai Pie

A Braai Pie that will have the whole family smiling. Now you can host a fantastic braai with a delicious pie, made easier with Nuveg Spinach Portions.

Spinach and chicken and mayo quiche

This simple, nutritious quiche recipe is perfect for a weekday supper or lunch-to-go. Kids and adults will love the tasty combination of Nuveg Spinach & broccoli and Chicken & mayo portions.

Steak served with Nuveg Spinach and Butternut portions

Invite some friends, start a fire and treat everyone with a butter soft steak served with peppercorn white sauce, baby potatoes, Nuveg Spinach & Broccoli and Butternut and cinnamon.

Tuna And Nuveg Sweet Potato Cakes

Fish cakes are incredibly quick and easy to make. Using Nuveg sweet potato portions makes it even easier and absolutely delicious.

Spicy shrimps with Nuveg Cauliflower Mash and Spinach

A delicious, quick and easy cauliflower mash and spicy shrimp recipe, served under 20 minutes. Perfect for inviting friends over for the evening.