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Meat free lasagna with nuveg spinach

meat free lasagna with nuveg spinach

An easy and delicious meat free lasagna filled with Nuveg spinach topped with a tomato sauce mixture and cheddar cheese. Serves up to 6 persons.

Cottage pie topped with Nuveg Cauliflower

Cottage pie topped with Nuveg Cauliflower

A mouth watering cottage pie topped with Nuveg cauliflower mash. A healthier winter recipe for the family to enjoy.

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Chicken and mayo grilled sandwich

nuveg chicken mayo sandwhich

A delicious and easy to throw together grilled sandwich and it has fresh mashed avocados on it!  Need we say more?

Mini pumpkin fritter pizza

Tasty Nuveg pre-cooked pumpkin fritters, with your desired pizza topping, perfect as a meal, or as bite-size snacks. Kids will love them!

Chicken Hasselback with Nuveg Spinach

Spice up dinner with these incredible easy and delicious Hasselback Chicken stuffed with Nuveg Spinach portions and cheese. ‪

Homemade quesadillas with chicken and spinach

These homemade quesadillas with chicken and cheesy spinach are a quick and easy dinner option and oh so tasty!

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Chicken fillet topped with Nuveg potato bake

nuveg potato bake chicken

You will love this delicious combination of chicken and Nuveg Potato bake. It’s a quick and easy recipe for one and full of flavour. Double the recipe to serve more.

Baked chicken wraps with Nuveg Spinach

nuveg baked wraps with spinach

Nuveg Baked wraps are crispy on the outside and full of flavour on the inside! a delicious dish that anyone would enjoy! Made easy with Nuveg Spinach portions.