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Nuveg Pre-cooked Frozen Vegetable Portions

Product Range

Our products are designed to offer you all the convenience, quality and choice you have always been looking for at home. We cook, you enjoy. Let us do the work for you to enjoy more time with the family rather than in front of the stove.
Perfect for everyone to enjoy, from children to Mom and Dad and especially Granma and Grandad whom often find it a daunting task to prepare vegetables on a small scale resulting in not preparing vegetables at all.

In a nutshell. It is better to eat any kind of vegetable than to eat no vegetable at all.

We may be frozen but we taste fresh.


Advantages to making your life easier and healthier.

  • Quality home cooked South African recipes.
  • Perfect portions for daily consumption.
  • Individual choice of pre-cooked vegetables.
  • No pre-planning required; available on demand.
  • No food wastage.
  • Vegetables are prepared from fresh, daily.
  • Only fresh ingredients are used including fresh milk and cheese.
  • Vegetables can be plated straight from freezer to microwave in 4 minutes.
  • Easy to prepare and child-friendly.
  • Individually wrapped portions are freezer friendly.
  • Various heating methods can be used. Microwave, oven or hot water.
  • No pots and pans required.
  • Less electricity or gas usage.
  • Less hot water to clean pots and pans.
  • Packaging 100% recyclable.


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